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2nd Jewish Music Days


Classical music concerts

Location: Szczecin, National Museum

It is 1875. Szczecin is entering the best decades of its pre-war history with impetus. Only two years earlier, a decision was made on demolition of city fortifications. Design and construction works are extremely impressive. Around the old town, a series of even-now-impressive buildings is being built. In three years, Hermann Haken will take the position of the Mayor. More than a dozen years later, the world's largest ship, the "SS Kaiser Wilhlem der Große", built in Szczecin, will set off for its first voyage. Tower of St. Jacob's church will reach a record level of 119 meters in height. The first Stoewer cars will appear on the streets.
This is the year when the New Synagogue in Szczecin opens, in today's Dworcowa Street. A huge house of prayer with over 1600 seats was not only an ambitious plan for a completely new city. Thanks to the great organs built in the Szczecin workshop of Emil Kaltschmidt, new Jewish music – classical and instrumental – also began to sound. Over the next several decades Szczecin will be visited by outstanding artists and musicians, and the history of their heritage will become another source of inspiration for further generations.
06.09.2019 / 07.00 P.M.
Karol Nasiłowski (contrabass), Izabela Nasiłowska (piano) & Karłowicz Ensemble
After holidays and travels on the world's largest transatlantic ships built at the Vulcan shipyard, music was the best way to revive emotions. And although the golden age of the great symphony was in progress, it was not always the Konzerthaus to be attended for a music feast. The atmosphere of the Szczecin salon, full of chamber music, will be brought back by the musicians of the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic accompanied by the pianist Izabela Nasiłowska. There is also a musical surprise waiting for us, referring to the unique place of the concerts.
07.09.2019 / / 7.00 P.M.
Kaja Mianowana (soprano) & Old Music Band
They just had to invite Kaja Mianowana again. The atmosphere of her last year's concert caused that the same evening startetd the talk about the next program and the next songs that are waiting to be rediscovered in Szczecin. In the imagination of the organizers, we could place them in Niebuszewo, which was once a Jewish district. There happened everyday life and feelings about which the songs, originating from the Spanish tradition, tell. Kaja's wonderful voice, as well as sincere and kind running of a concert are some of those moments to which you want to come back.
08.09.2019 / 07.00 P.M.
Isidoro Abramowicz (cantor) & Jakub Stefek (organ)
The third evening, will move us to the New Synagogue. For the first time, Isidoro Abramowicz will perform in Szczecin. He is currently one of the most famous synagogue cantors in the world. After years spent in the Stockholm community, he has been taking care of musical settings in the synagogue at Pestalozzistraße in Berlin for a year. He gives concerts all over the world. In a joint program with Jakub Stefek, an organist from the Academy of Art in Szczecin, they will renew the musical traditions of the New Synagogue. We are travelling a hundred years to the era of great liturgical celebrations, famous cantors and choirs. For the first time after the war, the series "Five Grand Preludes" by Louis Lewandowski – a famous composer and organist who has performed many times in the great Szczecin, will also be performed in its entirety.