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35. Warsaw Film Festival


Screenings, workshops and Warsaw Industry Days

Ort: Warschau

Are you an omnivorous cinema aficionado? You abhor any genre constraints and care most about cinematic diversity and artistic novelty? We kindly invite you to the Warsaw International Film Festival.
The festival is the embodiment of the power of love for cinema. One of the most important festivals in Poland and the only one considered to be part of the prestigious thirteen ‘international film competitions’ (alongside Cannes, Berlin, Venice or Tokio). It was first organised in 1985 by a group of cinema enthusiasts associated with the ‘Hybrydy’ film discussion club. The capital’s film celebration started as the Warsaw Film Week, and years later morphed into the Warsaw International Film Festival. Initially chaired by Roman Gutek, since 1995 it has been organised by Stefan Laudyn. It was thanks to him that the festival came to be one of the most interesting film festivals in this part of Europe.
At Warsaw Film Festival one can stumble upon curious productions from different parts of the world. Screenings of documentaries are alternated with features while artistic experiments and Hollywood thrillers peacefully sit side by side in the festival’s programme. Most importantly, the majority of them are truly successful productions and – tickets sell out quickly! It’s best to plan ahead.