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59. Kraków Film Festival

26.05 - 02.06.2019

Documentary, animated and short feature films

Ort: Kraków

If you are into revealing documentaries, you’ll feel like at home at the Kraków Film Festival. If you love music cinema, you are in for quite a feast. If you want to meet the most accomplished documentary and animation filmmakers, this festival will cater to your taste.
It was first held in 1961, which makes it a senior among Polish film festivals. And, one should add, it’s very vivacious and aware of its worth. For it is one of the most important documentary festivals in Europe and a true celebration of cinema. Winners of the festival are often considered for Academy Award nominations for best documentary, short and animation, which speaks to the festival’s quality.
Kraków Film Festival will be a special treat for anyone who loves Polish documentaries. No other festival offers as many interesting Polish productions screened in such a short time.