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International Film and Music Festival

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Watching films is not enough? You’d trade a dull multiplex screening for a Q&A with filmmakers and even being included in the creation process? Transatlantyk Festival is the place for you.
In 2011 Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Academy Award winner and one of the finest film score composers, created a festival, unlike others. Transatlantyk offers you a touch more than a mere overview of the best and the most intriguing films from around the globe. It is more of an interdisciplinary discussion on the state of modern culture and our civilisation. The discussion is fueled by a theme that each edition of the festival is built around. We have seen Culinary Cinema, B-class Cinema, Cinema in Bed, How Masters Began, featuring debuts of today’s top directors, screenings of the most important documentaries in recent years, and meetings with cinema hotshots such as Edward Norton. 
The festival’s creators believe that cinema can work as an invitation to a discussion on the most demanding challenges of today’s world.  
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