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19. New Horizons / Nowe Horyzonty

25.07 - 04.08.2019

International Film Festival

Ort: Wrocław

If you feel more tempted by Satan’s Tango with Béla Tarr than tapdancing Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, this festival is for you. New Horizons (Nowe Horyzonty) does not have words like blockbuster, remake, sequel and reboot in its vocabulary (nor in its programme). It is a land of cinematic slow food, featuring art-house style stars, experimentalists, revolutionaries and those in search of cinema’s reinvention. Apart from the likes of Bruno Dumont, one can relish in works by Asian cinema masters, Cannes festival discoveries or completely unknown pieces from South America, Africa and Asia.

In recent years, Nowe Horyzonty came to be one of the most important film festivals in Poland, all while raising a generation of devoted fans. The man behind it, Roman Gutek, is responsible for bringing such films by virtuosos like Almodóvar, von Trier, Greenway, Jarmusch or Wong Kar-Wai onto Polish screens for the past 20 years.